Elite Table Builds

Here’s a few shots. Of the setup without my dust collector hose hooked up. As mentioned I’m glad I went with 70 inches square. The motors are within the footprint and there’s just enough room to set a tool or tape measure alongside the machine.


Posted table with elite journeyman mounted finally on another thread.

Its tight. Would recommmend going a couple inches wider at least.
Also will need to add some stability to it. Wobbles back and forth more than i like. Seems to work fine but would just lile more rigidity.

Also not able to flip x&y like i was planning until extension cables are available… not a huge deal.

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Looks nice. How do you stow the controller in your storage position?

Thanks. I do like how the overall turned out.

Well. Havent tried storing it yet as ive been trying to cut with it and havent wanted to put it up yet :upside_down_face: but for the time being i will have to remove the masso to flip it. That is unti extension cables are available.

When i was installing the machine i did test it and the flipping worked fine. Very heavy with the gantry at the bottom so it wouldnt move. Will fix it to the centerpoint when i do it again in the future to help center the weight on the piviot point.

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Well for anyone following the flip top elite build thread i actually put in the store position today to move some stuff around. worked better than i expected.

I made inserts for the gantry so it wouldnt move and stayed on the pivot axis to make it easier to flip. Still heavy but manageable.

Had a verticle hold only on one side which works but with the weight its too much and would flex the table if i left it. So thats on hold till i have a more robust holding solution. May just have a stop block on the other side to keep our from flexing.

I did have to remove the masso but isnt that big of a pain and my lower drawers are the perfect storage for it while stored.

Granted it’s tight but fit like a glove


You have a nice looking setup there.

Well. Finally getting around to incorporating a vertical table.
Went with a center hole 30" x 6" off to the right of center.

Cut the wastboard wide and full length to be able to sit the jig into the table and for easy replacement.

Still designing but I really like Jays design he did for his Avid awhile back and incorporated similar options. still debating on what to make it out of and the connection to the top to keep it perpendicular to the horizontal - TBD.

Will see how she turns out

edit: link to vertical table build in separate thread

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Where did you get the aluminum extrusions?

I bought the extrusions and hardware from TNUTZ.

I second that using TNUTZ is an economical place to get the extrusions. I used them to pre-cut much of the parts for my table for my Elite Foreman.


Ordered my Elite Foreman a few weeks ago (should be here start of Nov-ish). I am working on a quick design. Primarily out of 2x4 with half lap grid for the top. I have created a cut list and exploded view… just need to go out and get all the materials.

Not shown in the picture The table will be located along my shop wall giving access to the back. So there will also be 6 drawers on the back, including access to the pass-through.

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I have an Elite Foreman coming to. I am reusing a previous rolling cart for a Journeyman and adding a 70x70 torsion box top with a notch on the right side for vertical milling. The table is made from 3/4 Baltic Birch … it took 3 4x8 sheets.

Once the machine is installed on the top, I will mill out a pattern of holes to take a flanged threaded insert. the spoilboard will be bolted to the top of the table.

Excuse the messy shop:

This top has some heft to it. I am going to guess somewhere between 150-225 pounds when finished.

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Prior to the last round of changes, my table weighed about 500lbs and the Foreman was able to shake it when homing - it sat on 1.5" round feet. Now it weighs over 800lbs, sitting on 3x3" feet and not so much. :slight_smile: I can lower cast-iron casters to move the table and I’m sure if allowed to sit on them, the table would still move with the machine operating.

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Just ordered my Foreman Elite and working up a plan for the table. Going for a 3/4"x66"x66" top, but getting it out of a single 4x8 sheet of ply. It requires some creative framing cutting and joinery. Table Frame is 2x2 steel with 1/4" diamond plate skirts on three sides.

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