Official Onefinity Joystick Controls (How to changes modes) (Non-Elite Machines Only)

This only applies to X-35/X-50 machines. The Elite series cannot use a joypad.

The correct model is ESM-9013 (other model numbers may not move the z axis.)
You will never need to install any drivers or software to use the joypad.

Ensure you are in the right mode with two blue lights on the top.

To use, follow these steps:

  1. Insert batterys into the joypad following the diagram below.
  2. Insert the usb dongle into any of the 4 usb ports in the back of the Onefinity Control Box.
  3. Press the center button on the joypad for a 30-60 seconds, until the leds light up blue.
  4. Press the center button until you are in the correct mode.

If the left stick controls your x and y axis, but the right stick is not controlling your z axis, your joypad is in the wrong mode. Follow below to change modes.

Controller Jog Speeds:

Yellow - 393.7ipm, Red - 98.7ipm, Green - 12.32ipm, Blue - 3.07ipm

— Battery Installation:

Install two double AA batteries per the picture orientation on the battery cover:

Low Battery:

If the led #1 and 2 are blinking blue, this indicates the batteries are running low and need to be changed.

How to re-pair / re-sync the joypad to the dongle:

When you plug in the receiver and make sure that the indicator light is on, you turn on the controller and you will see the indicator light keeps rotating. At this time, you just need to quickly double-click the HOME button (big black center button that the blue led lights circle) to pair it.

Firmware Update:

Warning: This article is several years old and the firmware on your dongle may be newer than 1.08. Do not install this firmware if your current firmware is newer.

You can use this file to update your ESM-9013 dongle to the latest firmware (you will need to unzip/extract the file first, then run the included .exe to update). This process must be done on a windows computer with the usb dongle plugged into a usb port on the computer.
Warning: Flashing any other model number may cause your joypad to become inoperable:


ESM_9103_Dongle Update (765.2 KB)



Want to test if the joypad is working correctly? Plug your usb dongle or usb wire into your pc and go to this website:

It will look like this:

Once you push buttons they should light up. This will test your joypad and all of the buttons and joysticks.

Because of how the joypad functions and syncs, if the usb receiver is lost or damaged, it is impossible to just replace the usb reciever stick. A full joypad with usb receiver is needed to replace it.